Professional 6m Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Pipes

TM three chucks 6m metal tube laser cutter

The 6m metal tube fiber laser cutting machine is a type of industrial cutting equipment designed to cut metal tubes with high precision and efficiency. It uses a fiber laser as its cutting tool, which offers several advantages over traditional cutting methods.

Power: 1-3kW

Max. cutting pipe length: 6m

Round pipe diameters: 20-350mm

metal tube laser cutting machine features

pneumatic chuck of plate and tube laser cutting machine

Three Pneumatic Chucks

The machine’s three-chuck structure design allows the chucks to move freely and share the weight of the loaded pipe in a reasonable manner. The chuck provides firm support to prevent the pipe from shaking during cutting, ensuring accurate cutting and safe blanking. 

Versitile Functions

Cut stainless steel and carbon steel round, square, and rectangular pipes

L-, H-, I-shaped and other irregular steel bars can also be cut

It offers the option of a pipe bevel cutting head to achieve 0-45° bevel cutting. 

cut square and round pipes
cheapest plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine

The metal tube fiber laser cutting machine is its high cutting speed, which can be up to several times faster than traditional cutting methods. This makes it a highly efficient tool for large-scale production runs, reducing production time and costs.

How does the metal tube laser cutting machine work?

What can the metal tube laser cutting machine cut?

This 6m metal tube fiber laser cutting machine can cut not only stainless steel  and carbon steel pipes in round, square and rectangular shapes, but also L-, V-, and H-shaped steel bars.

laser cutting machine cuts square tubes
tube laser cutting machine application
laser cutting machine cuts square tubes

Tell us your materials and requirements, and we’ll cut samples free of charge!


Model TM 6220

6m metal tube fiber laser cutting machine with three chucks

Pipe shape Round, rectangular, square
Fiber Laser MAX, optional: Raycus, IPG
Laser Power 1-3kW
Laser Head LT, auto-focusting
Max. chuck rotating speed 130r/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed of chuck feeding 100m/min
Max Acceleration 1.2G
Control System FSCUT
Max. pipe cuttig length 9.2m
Servo Motor YASKAWA

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The automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine for sale is widely used to cut t stainless steel and carbon steel pipes in construction, decoration, fitness equipment making, air/oil duct manufacturing, and other industries. See More Applications.

laser cut pipe application-dxtech asia

Air/oil duct production

laser cutting machine for construction

Steel construction

laser cutting application for fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

laser cutting application for furniture

Metal furniture

Clobal customer buyer case

DXTECH Asia's sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly trusted by customers worldwide. Paying for one machine, you can get two different types of cutting experience. High cost-performance ratio and excellent precision make sheet and tube laser cutting machines the most sought-after tool in metal sheet processing, construction, decoration, equipment manufacturing, and other industries.

Let's see together which sheet and tube laser cutting machine customers worldwide buy from DXTECH Asia. For more cases, please check Buyer Cases page.


5kW sheet and tube laser cutting machine to Malaysia


3kW pipe and plate laser cutting machine to Slovakia 

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