Feedback| Malaysian Customers Cutting and Bending Stainless Steel with DXTECH

malaysian feedback on dxtech laser cutting machine

Malysian customer is using DXTECH laser cutting machine and press brake

Malaysian customers purchased a DXTECH 1530 fiber laser cutting machine, a bending machine and a 3 in 1 laser welder about six months ago. Today, he sent us a video of using these two machines. He said that the two machines worked greatly and rarely failed. With the help of the press brake, many sheet metal work can be completed.

Our customers provide sheet metal processing services for other local businesses. The processing materials are mainly stainless steel and carbon steel plates below 10mm thick. So they bought a 1.5kW fiber laser cutting machine with a working size of 1.5x3m. 


The video shows that our customers are using the fiber laser cutting machine to cut 3mm stainless steel sheets and bend them with the press brake. The two machines form a simple but powerful production line for many sheet metal processing businesses.


Related Machines

1.5kW 1530 metal laser cutting machine

Standard and economical version

  • 1-6kW laser power optional
  • Min. work size 4×8′
  • Sheet welded bed, strong and rigid
  • Can be upgraded with exchagne table, protective cover, etc.

Hydraulic press brake

CNC / NC press brake optional

Nominal pressure: 800kN-1300kN

Working length: 2500mm-4000mm

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