High Efficiency Hydraulic Shearing Machine for Sheet Metal Cutting

DX-11NC 6×3200 hydraulic shearing machine

This hydraulic shearing machine is designed to cut various types of metal sheets with a tickness less than 6mm. It provides high-precision cutting with minimal distortion, burrs, or waste.

Max. cutting thickness: 6mm

Max. cutting width: 3200mm

The overall steel plate welding structure of the machine is robust and can withstand high stress, rigidity, and vibration.

China steel Coil Laser Cutting machine Features

hydraulic shearing machine

The all-steel structure design not only lends a beautiful appearance to the sheet metal shearing machine but also imparts a reliable structure to it. The machine has undergone computer-aided optimization design using UG (finite element) analysis method to ensure its precision and performance.

china coil fed laser cutting machine feature

The two cylinders fixed on the left and right columns provide the machine with a stable and balanced cutting force.

The machine’s working table has an auxiliary knife seat for micro-adjustment of the blade and a feeding roller, making it easy to operate.

sheet metal shearing machine
sheet metal shearing machine

The machine has an adjustment mechanism for the gap between the blades, allowing it to meet the cutting needs of different plate thicknesses and materials. The upper and lower blades have four cutting edges, which are made of high-quality materials, improving the wear resistance and service life of the blades. 

Cutting Demonstration

Sheet metal hydraulic shearing machines are essential tools for metalworking and fabrication industries, providing high-quality, precise, and efficient cutting of metal sheets.

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Model DX-11NC 6/3200

metal shearing machine

Max. cutting thickness 6mm
Max. cutting width 3200mm
Column spacing 3450mm
Throat depth 220mm
Back gauge max. distance 600mm
Control system ES21
Main motor power 7.5KW

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The hydraulic shearing machine is widely used to cut metal sheets of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and other alloy. See More Applications.

laser cut thin sheets


stainless steel sheets cutting

Stainless steel

shearing carbon steel plates

Carbon steel

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