High Efficiency Automatic CNC Pipe Laser Cutting Machine for Industrial Use

TM 3 chucks auto feeding

This automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine is equipped  with an automatic pipe loading feeding system, saving human labor and improving work efficency. It can cut not only common pipes in round, square and rectangular shapes, but also L-, I-, H-shaped and other steel bars.

Power: 3kW

Max. pipe cuttinglength: 6m

Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel pipes and tubes

automatic cnc pipe laser cutting machine features

automatic cnc pipe laser cutting machine autolaoding

Automatic Loading System

Auto feeding of pipes, saving labors and improving efficiency

Enjoy mass production, with little human intervetion

Three Pneumatic Chucks

Constant and stable clamping force

High clamping speed, excellent accuracy,  low threshold pressure

cut square and round pipes

Versitile Functions

Cut stainless steel and carbon steel round, square, and rectangular pipes

L-, H-, I-shaped and other irregular steel bars can also be cut

How does the laser cutting machine work?

Automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine for sale

1.5kW laser cuts:

Stainless steel square and round pipes

with neat and smooth cutting edges, free of burrs and slags.

What can the fiber laser cutting machine cut?

This automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine adopts an automatic loading system to improve efficiency and and three penumatic chucks to reduce wastes.

laser tube cutting machine samples-dxtech asia
tube laser cutting machine application

Tell us your materials and requirements, and we’ll cut samples free of charge!


Model TM-A

automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine

Pipe shape Round, rectangular, square
Fiber Laser MAX, optional: Raycus, IPG
Laser Power 1-2kW
Laser Head Ospri
Bearing capacity 100kg
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed of chuck feeding 100m/min
Max Acceleration 1.2G
Control System Weihong
Max. pipe cuttig length 6m
Servo Motor HCFA

Customize Your Machine Now!

Tell us your cutting thickness and materials, we’ll recommend the most suitable power.


The automatic CNC pipe laser cutting machine for sale is widely used to cut t stainless steel and carbon steel pipes in construction, decoration, fitness equipment making, air/oil duct manufacturing, and other industries. See More Applications.

laser cut pipe application-dxtech asia

Air/oil duct production

laser cutting machine for construction

Steel Construction

laser cutting application for fitness equipment

Fitness Equipment

laser cutting application for furniture

Kitchen Cabinets

Global Customer Feedback

Rafael | Dominica

1.5kW 1530FP6T220 sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Mr. Rafael has received his 1.5kW sheet and tube laser cutting machine. He has successfully carried out some cutting tests on stainless steel sheet, square tubes, round pipes, and also L-shaped steel bars.

"Smooth cutting, good work. We tested it for several materals. We'll keep in touch to give you more samples."

Martin | Slovakia

3kW 1530FP6T300 plate tube fiber laser cutting machine

To expand business scope and improve metal cutting efficiency, Mr. Martin found us on the Internet and asked an offer about the sheet and tube laser cutting machine. FPT series laser cutter can fully meet his cutting demands.

"We cut stainless steel square tubes for a test, it works well. Great service by the way."

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