faq of laser cutting machine
Where is DXTECH Asia located?

DXTECH Asia is the headquarters of DXTECH CNC Machine Co., Ltd., which is located in the Spring City Jinan, Shandong Province, Chia. 

Our office is located in Office Building J1, Wanda Plaza, High-tech Zone, and our workshop and factory is in the industrial park 15km away from the office building. All customers are more than welcomed to visit our office building and factory to see a demenstration of our laser cutting machines.

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What machines does DXTECH Asia provide?

DXTECH Asia is commited to become a world-class laser cutting machine manufacturer and production line solution service provider. We now offer all types of fiber laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, laser marking machines, press brakes, and also supporting production line products.

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How much can I make with a laser cutting machine?

This depends on what products and service you make and provide and how well you promote it of course. We have many customers using DXTECH fiber laser cutting machines to produce control cabinets, provide sheet metal cutting services, cut metal sheets for infrastructure, and make air ducts, oil ducts, etc, and it did get some returns. 

Our laser cutting machines are proven to be reliable for cutting metal sheets and tubes.

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How can I buy a DXTECH laser machine?

First, please click HERE to leave your cutting requirements and contact information.

Then, our salesman will contact you later and understand your specific cutting materials, thickness, working size, cutting purposes, etc. They will recommend the most suitable laser cutting machine based on your situations, and give you a quote. 

When we reach an agreement on the laser cutting machine and contact terms through negotiation, we can arrange the production process after you pay the down payment. 

You are welcome to communicate with our salesman to check the production progess of your laser cutting machine at any time by text, phones or video calls.

Which laser power shall I choose?

It depends on the material type and thickness that you need to cut. For example, a 3kW laser cutting machine can cut a carbon steel sheet  with the maxinum thickness of 22mm, but cut a stainless steel sheet only 12mm thick at most.

So to know which laser power suits you, please leave your cutting materials and thickness
Do you offer warrranty?

Yes, we offer 2-year warranty for the whole laser machine, including the laser cutting head. We promise to replace with new parts and components for any non-human damage to the laser cutting machine free of charge within the warranty period.

What payment terms do you support?

T/T, VISA, mastercard, Paypal, E-CHECKING, Letter of Credit


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Can you ship overseas?

Of course. We have shipped many laser cutting machines to many countries and regoins. For example, USA, Australia, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Canada, Russia, Israel, Kenya, etc.

How long is the production period of a laser cutting machine?

Normally, our fiber laser cutting machine production lead time is 25-30 working days. Depending on the machines required, the production cycle will vary. Our salesman will keep in touch with you so that you can keep abreast of the latest developments.

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How can I install and learn to use the laser cutting machine after I received it?

We’ll create a chat group with 4-5 DXTECH Asia technicians and after-sales staff to provide you with online techinical support and guides. We will respond to your requirements in 30 minutes at day time and 8 hours at night. 

If you still have difficulties in installing and using the laser cutting machine, we also provide on-site techinical training.

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