Delivery| Small 3 in 1 2000W Fiber Metal Laser Welding Machine to Bolivia

fiber laser welding machine to Bolivia

Compact 2000W 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine in factory

Congrats that the 2000W 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine ordered by our Bolivian customer, Mr. Anderes, has completed the inspection before delivery. Later today, it will be packed carefully and started its journey to Bolivia.

Thank you very much for choosing our fiber laser welding machine. Actually, it’s not the first time Mr. Anderes bought laser machine from DXTECH Asia. He bought a 1530 1.5kW fiber laser cutting machine last year for his metal cutting business. He was satisfied with the machine quality and kept in close touch with us. 

fiber laser welding machine to Bolivia

Handheld welding gun of the 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine

Mr. Anderes is mainly engaged in the production of metal doors, windows, partitions, and other products. He uses our fiber laser cutting machine to cut varies metal sheets, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This new purchase of a fiber laser welding machine will replace his previous welding method, providing more efficient and accurate production capabilities. 

Introduction of 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine

small laser welding machine price

This compact 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine is one of the best-sale models among all the laser welders. It integrates three functions into one machine, including laser welding, laser cleaning of rust, and laser cutting thin plates. So you don’t have to buy three devices. 

Our fiber laser welding machines have obtained CE certification as well as FDA certification. For the import of this machine, you do not need to worry about whether they can meet the national import license conditions.

We have sold many machines in Europe, South America, North America and many other places. The machines comply with the import authorization of each country.

Major parameters

Laser Power

2000W, optional:1-3kW 

Laser Source


Max. Cleaning Width


Machine Size




Cable Length



Welding Thickness

≤ 6mm

Water Chiller



2 year


Compact size, convenient to transport and move

 the machine is relatively small in size and has low shipping costs. It is flexible for transportation by air or sea, which not only saves transportation costs but also saves storage space and increases production efficiency.


It can simultaneously meet the needs of cleaning, welding, and cutting, making it widely applicable and cost-effective. This means you can use one machine to perform multiple tasks without the need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment, which saves you costs.

No installation

The fiber laser welding machine is shipped as a whole, with no installation requirements. This brings great convenience to you and saves you time. You do not need to waste time and energy installing and debugging the machine, and can directly put it into production.

Easy to use

It is easy to operate and learn, which means that even inexperienced welders can operate it. This allows you tohire new operators without the need to hire experienced workers.

video and samples of 3 in 1 Hanheld metal laser welding machine

2000W 3-in-1 handheld fiber laser welding machine

  • Simple switching among three functions
  • Flexible operation
  • Not restricted by material shapes
handheld laser welding 6mm carbon steel

Laser welding

laser cleaning machine application

Laser cleaning

laser cut thin sheet application-dxtech asia

Laser cutting

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In conclusion, we believe that this 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine will become a powerful assistant to Mr. Anderes’s production line. Its efficiency, precision, and convenience will bring more possibilities and opportunities for production. We will ensure that the machine undergoes strict quality inspections before shipment.

Now the fiber laser welding machine has been loaded onto a truck and started its jounery to Bolivia. Wish Mr. Anderes a more prosperous business. 

If you are also interested in this 3 in 1 fiber laser welding machine for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us by the following methods. We will customize the machine according to your demands.


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