Delivery| Full Enclosed 1500W Laser Cutting Machine Will be Sent to Ireland

1500w laser cutting machine to Ireland

Full enclosed 1500W laser cutting machine in factory

Glad to know that the 1313Q 1500W laser cutting machine ordered by our Ireland customer, Mr. Paul, has completed the inspection before delivery and is being cleaned and packed in our workshop. Later today, it will start its journey to Ireland.

Mr. Paul, who owns a small workshohp, is mainly engaged in small metal signs or characters cutting business. He generally cuts metal sheets with a thickness less than 12mm, and requires a fiber laser cutting machine with small worktable. So we recommended this full enclosed small 1500w fiber laser cutting machine for him. It can also meet the environmental protection requriements in Mr. Paul’s position.

1500w laser cutting machine to Ireland

Small table 1500W laser cutting machine to be packed

After two week’s communication and negotiation, Mr. Paul and us finally reached an agreement on the machine specifications and prices. He also worried about the Chinese-made machine quality at the beginning. We showed him our quality cetifications, had video talks in our factory to see the real machine operation, and showed him the real customer feedback. Mr. Paul chose to trust us and placed an order on this 1500W laser cutting machine.

Introduction of Q 1500W laser cutting machine

2000w fiber laser cutting machine for sale

Q series 1500W laser cutting machine is specially designed for customers who only need to cut small-sized metal sheets and have requirements for processing safety.

Its table size can choose 900x900mm, 900x1300mm, and 1300x1300mm, which is very suitable for advertising, decoration and other industries.

Major parameters

Laser Power

1500W, optional:1-3kW 

Laser Source


Positioning accuracy


Worktable Size




Table Bearing Capacity


Repositioning Accuracy


Water Chiller



2 year


Packing 1500W laser cutting machine in factory

Compact size, convenient to transport and move

The 1313Q 1500W laser cutting machine is relatively small in size and has low shipping costs. It not only saves transportation costs but also saves storage space and increases production efficiency.


Although with a relatively small size, this laser cutting machine can cut most metal sheets in fast speed and high precision like other models. For example, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.

Easy to use

It is easy to operate and learn. In addition, the cutting processing is easily observed by the window and screen, ensuring safety and eco-friendly production.

video and samples of 1313Q 1500W laser cutting machine

1313Q 1500W fiber laser cutting machine

  • Electric lifting door
  • Safe and green cutting process
  • High speed and excellent accuracy
laser cutting machine cuts 18mm cs sheet

Carbon steel

laser cutting galvanized sheet

Galvanized steel

laser cut thin sheet application-dxtech asia

Stainless steel

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In conclusion, we believe that this 1500W laser cutting machine bring more possibilities and opportunities for production with its efficiency, precision, and convenience.

1500w laser cutting machine to Ireland

Now the fiber laser cutting machine has been loaded onto a truck and started its jounery to Ireland. Wish Mr. Paul a more prosperous business. 

If you are also interested in this 1313Q 1500W laser cutting machine, don’t hesitate to contact us by the following methods. We will customize the machine according to your demands.


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