Tired Of These Problems When Cutting Sheet Metal?

metal cutting burrs

When cutting sheet metal with a plasma cutter or flame cutting machine:

  • Low cutting efficiency, high material waste?
  • Burrs, rough cut surfaces, uneven cutting edges?
  • Poor accuracy and precision, unable to manufacture accurate products?

All of these issues could cost wasted materials, energy, manpower, and even lost business.

All These problems can be solved by a Fiber Laser Cutter

DXTECH Asia fiber laser cutting machines cut metal sheets with:

  • High precision with repositioning accuracy of ±0.02mm;
  • Fast speed of 140m/min;
  • No burrs and slags;
  • Energy saving by over 30%;
  • Higher material utilization rate;
  • No damage to material surface, no deformation.

How can DXTECH Asia FP Fiber Laser cutting machine solve these problems?

Best Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine - 1530 FP

Taking the best-selling model 1530 FP laser cutting machine for example, it has features of 

  • Non-contacting cutting method
  • Small heat-affected area
  • 4x piercing speed than plasma
  • ±0.02mm repositioning accuracy
  • Highest cost-preformance ratio and usability
  • High quality and famous brand parts and components

All these features ensure better cutting results and higher cutting efficiency than any other metal cutting machines.

What Can FP Sheet Metal Laser Cutter Cut?

3kw fiber laser cuts:

6mm carbon steel       18mm carbon steel

8mm stainless steel       5mm brass 

If you want cut other materials, leave a message to get free sample cutting demo.

Laser Cutting Features

21mm carbon steel cutting

Broad spectrum

One machine can cut steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, and many other metal sheets up to 30mm.

sheet metal laser cutting machine cuts 8mm stainless steel

Narrow cutting seam

Small heat-affected area, narrow cutting seam

Non-contact processing does no harm to sheet


Smooth cutting edges

Cutting surface is smooth and neat, without post-treatment 

Parameters and FAQs

Major Technical Parameters

Cutting Area

1515x3030mm(5×10′) – 2530x6080mm (8×20′)

Maximum Linkage Speed


Repositioning Accuracy


Servo motors

Fuji (X: 850W, Y: 1300W, Z: 400W)

Fiber Power

1-6kW, Raycus, MAX, IPG optional

Max. Acceleration Speed


Table Bearing Capacity

min. 950Kg 

Laser Head


Software Interface 


Positioning Accuracy



2 years including fiber laser

Support files

G file, DXF, DWG, PLT, ENG

How Thick Can Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cut?


Carbon steel: 12mm

Stainless steel: 4.5mm

Copper: 3mm

Aluminum: 3mm


Carbon steel: 16mm

Stainless steel: 12mm

Copper: 5.5mm

Aluminum: 5.5mm


Carbon steel: 25mm

Stainless steel: 20mm

Copper: 12mm

Aluminum: 10mm


Carbon steel: 25mm

Stainless steel: 20mm

Copper: 14mm

Aluminum: 12mm

What Comes with the Fiber Laser Cutter?

Water chiller

Centrifugal fan


2-year warranty

Free technical training and support


Metal Laser Cutting Applications
laser cutting application for furniture

Cabinet parts

laser cutting machine application for advertising

Signs and nameplates

laser cutting machine for construction

Construction and decoration

laser cutting machine application for advertising

Crafts, gifts, toys

Other Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Models

FL series


Economical model for thin sheet


CF series

1-2kW, 75-300W

fiber+CO2 laser

FPT series


Sheet and tube laser cutter

Q sereis


Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter

SP series


Full enclosed fiber laser cutter


SG series


High Power Laser Cutting Machine

EA series


Automatic Laser Cutting System

T sereis


Pipe Laser Cutter

Why over 2000 metal Cutting factories choose DXTECH Asia?

Affordable Price

Lower price to get the flagship products

Give one-year spare parts (worth $600)

Economical and high configurations optional

Thorough Service

1 salesman follows the whole process

24/7 after-sales service

Online and on-site technical support

Reliable Quality

12-year of R&D, manufacturing experience

160+ inspection procedures before delivery

CE, ISO, SGS, CSA, UL certifications

DXTECH Asia Factory Scene

dxtech asia factory scene
dxtech asia factory scene
dxtech asia factory scene

global customer feedback

Marc | Malaysia

1530FB fiber laser cutting machine & press brake

Mr. Marc, who owns a medium-sized metal sheet processing business in Malaysia, bought a DXTECH fiber laser cutting machine, a press brake, and a handheld laser welding machine in October, 2022. He has been using these machines cut cut and bend sheet metal since he received them.

"Very good. I used them 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are very easy to use and save a lot of time." said Mr. Marc.

Nicola | Kosovo

6kW 1530 enclosed laser cutting machine

Mr. Nicola is a metal cutting service provider in Kosovo. After two weeks of negotiation and two month wait, he received the 6kw fiber laser cutting machine he ordered. With the help of our technicians and after-sales staff, Mr. Armend installed and tested the laser cutting machine successfully. 

"I'll use it to replace my plasma. It can cut more clean and more smooth than we used to cut. The technicians are very nice."

If you have any questions, leave a message by WhatsApp, Email or the following form. Our sales manager will respond to you ASAP.

WhatsApp: +86-15662748204      Email: manager@dxtechasia.com