DXTECH Asia is the headquarters of Jinan DXTECH CNC Machine Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “DXTECH Asia”). Founded in 2010, DXTECH Asia has grown into a leading laser cutting machine manufacturer in China.

At present, DXTECH Asia has more than 180 employees, and has set up sales, technology research and development, after-sales and other teams. The factory and workshop of DXTECH Asia in Jinan covers an area of 75,000 square meters, and the factory in Tai’an is under construction and will be put into use soon.

DXTECH Asia’s laser machines have passed CE, FDA, UL, ISO and many other certifications, with excellent quality and high cost performance. DXTECH Asia’s laser machines are exported to more than 180 countries and regions around the world, and are widely praised by customers.

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CE certifications of laser welding machine-dxtech asia
CE certifications of laser machine-dxtech asia

Latest Reviews

Great experience with their technicians to solve the issues of the laser cutter.

Allen / UK

To be honest, I doubted about the quality of a Chinese machine. But DXTECH dispelled my doubts. My 1530 fiber laser works great and I use it every day to cut carbon steel.

Lee Maisel / Australia

A very pleasant communication and cooperation with their technicians coming here to help us install and use the fiber laser cutting machine. Good serivce.

Roberto / Italy

We received our fiber laser in December of 2021. This machine runs eight hours a day all week long and almost no problem appears.

Ivan / Croatia

Hemos tenido nuestro grabador láser de CO2 durante un año, ¡y ha funcionado perfectamente! Fue fácil de configurar y fácil de aprender a usar.

Carlos / Guatemala

Every time I ask some questions in the after-sales group, they answer me very quickly. If I don't understand, they also make video calls to teach me step by step.

Paul Smith / USA

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