A Great Technical Exchange Experience in FONDERIE BELLI, Itlay

DXTECH technical support in Italy-dxtech asia

Italian customers give thumb up to DXTECH

Hello, guys. This is Allen again.

We are pleased to announce that our engineers have successfully completed our on-site technical support for FONDERIE BELLI, Italy.


providing technical service in Italy-dxtech asia
DXTECH providing technical service in Italy-dxtechasia

During this week, we helped install the laser cutting machine, debugged and tested it for cutting stainless steel and carbon steel. We also taught our customers how to use, operate, and maintain the machine in the workshop of FONDERIE BELLI.

We are glad that we were able to provide the necessary support to our customers. 

Our Italian customers are very satisfied with the service provided. We are committed to providing the best service to our customers and we are glad that our efforts have been recognized. Thank Mr. Roberto and his guys for choosing DXTECH fiber laser cutting machine!

We had a short interview with Mr. Roberto, Manager of FONDERIE BELLI. 

We are glad to hear that Mr. Roberto is very satisfied with our service. We would like to thank him for his kind words and for being willing to introduce our laser cutting machine to his friends and other customers in Italy.

We appreciate his support and look forward to continuing to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. 

DXTECH providing technical service in Italy-dxtechasia
DXTECH providing technical service in Italy-dxtechasia

The technical service in Rome is over, and we are very grateful for this technical exchange. Hope to have more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future.