3015 Customized Plate and Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3kW

3015 SP6T

This cusomized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a semi-enclosed protective cover and an exchange worktable. Customers can also require full enclosed cover to it to get more eco-friendly cutting experience.

Power: 3kW, 1-6kW customized

X/Y axis travel: 1515mmx3030mm, max. 2020x4040mm

Max. pipe length: 6m

Major configuration

Standard Configuration

√ 3 axis (X, Y, Z)

√ FUJI servo motors 

√ Raycus fiber laser source

√ Raytools auto-focus laser cutting head

√ Industrial chiller unit

√ Front and rear pneumatic chucks

√ Sheet welded machine bed

√ PMI guide rails

√ Schneider electric elements

√ FUSCUT control system

Optional Configuration

√ 1-6kW laser power options

√ JPT, MAX, IPG fiber laser source

√ Worktable size 1515x4040mm, 1515x6050mm, 2020x4040mm

√ Light protection barrier

√ Air conditioner for control cabinet

√ Transformer

√ Integrated compressed air preparation system

√ Stabilizer

√ Lantek nesting software

√ WIFI wireless control


flycutting of stainless steel-dxtech asia

High Efficiency and Precision

Laser cutting helps you increase production and improve the reliability of your process.

Laser cutting has higher cutting efficiency and better precision than plasma, water-jet, or flame cutting machines.

With the help of auxiliary gases and auto-focusing laser head, a wide range of thin and thick metal plates can be cut with high quality.

all in one laser cutting machine

Ease of Use

The cutting process is stable due to comprehensive process monitoring.

The focus position is automatically set according to the material and its thickness, ensuring that the focus position is optimally matched to the process.

Automatic edge patrol and automatic obstacle avoidance functions ensure a smooth cutting process.

all in one laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine cut 20mm carbon steel


Whether it is steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metals, the laser cutting machine can cut sheets up to 30 mm thick.

Plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine can also cut metal sheets and tubes in one operation.

How does the laser cutting machine work?

3015 SP6T220 customized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine 

Fast exchange worktable

Convenient loadng and unloading

3kW laser cuts:

  • 8mm carbon steel sheet
  • 4mm/2mm stainless steel sheets
  • Stainless steel squre and round pipes
  • L-shaped carbon steel bar

with neat and smooth cutting edges, free of burrs and slags.

What can the fiber laser cutting machine cut?

Buy enclosed exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine to carry out or expand your metal sheet cutting business. It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized steel and other alloy sheets with fast speed and high precision.

laser cutting machine cuts 22mm carbon steel

Carbon steel sheet

tube laser cutting machine application

Steel bar


Stainless steel pipe

Tell us your materials and requirements, and we’ll cut samples free of charge!


Model 3015 SP6T

customized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Table Size 1515x3030mm
Fiber Laser Raycus, IPG optional
Laser Power 3kW
Laser Head Raytools
Table bearing capacity 950kg
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed 140m/min
Max Acceleration 1.5G
Control System FUSCUT 
Max. pipe cuttig length 6m
Servo Motor FUJI

For answers to the basic questions to the customized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine, please check FAQ page.

How Thick can a fiber laser cut?








Carbon steel







Stainless steel





















The specific cutting thickness depends on material types, status, how you cut it and under what conditions. If you are hesitate about the laser power, our technicians are here to help.

Customize Your Machine Now!

Tell us your cutting thickness and materials, we’ll recommend the most suitable power.


Customized plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machines are widely used to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum sheets and stainless and carbon pipes in construction, furniture, decoration, equipment manufacturing, and other industries. See More Applications.

sheet metal laser cutting application

Sheet Metal Cutting

laser cutting machine for construction

Steel Construction

laser cutting application for fitness equipment

Fitness Equipment

laser cutting application for furniture

Kitchen Cabinets

Global Customer Feedback

Rafael | Dominica

1.5kW 1530FP6T220 sheet and tube laser cutting machine

Mr. Rafael has received his 1.5kW sheet and tube laser cutting machine. He has successfully carried out some cutting tests on stainless steel sheet, square tubes, round pipes, and also L-shaped steel bars.

"Smooth cutting, good work. We tested it for several materals. We'll keep in touch to give you more samples."

Martin | Slovakia

3kW 1530FP6T300 plate tube fiber laser cutting machine

To expand business scope and improve metal cutting efficiency, Mr. Martin found us on the Internet and asked an offer about the sheet and tube laser cutting machine. FPT series laser cutter can fully meet his cutting demands.

"We cut stainless steel square tubes for a test, it works well. Great service by the way."

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