Delivery| 2kW Best CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Shipped to Turkey

best cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine to Turkey

FL 1325 best cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine

We are quite excited that our latest 2kw 1325 best CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine has been successfully completed, tested, packed, and sent to Qingdao Port for delivery to our valued customer in Turkey.

Our Turkey customer is engaged in the advertising industry, mainly cutting metal sheets with thicknessless than 10mm. He accidentally saw our laser machine advertisement on Google, and tried to inquire about the price and model. In the subsequent text and video communication, he gradually dispelled his doubts about our fiber laser machine, and finally determined to buy this 2kw best CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine.

2kW sheet metal laser cutting machine with integrated control cabinet

This machine is the perfect solution for customers who require high-quality and efficient cutting of a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. 2kW fiber laser is capable of cutting up to 18mm carbon steel, 8mm stainless steel, and 6mm aluminum sheets.

Introduction of best CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine

best laser cutting machine for sheet metal

2kW sheet metal laser cutting machine 

It is equipped with advanced fiber laser technology that provides exceptional cutting precision and speed, making it ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

The worktable size of 4×8′ is suitable for cutting advertising signs in commonly-used size and cost-effective for small businesses.

Major parameters

Worktable Size

1310x2520mm (4×8′)

Laser Power

2000W, optional:1-2kW 

Laser Source

MAX, optional: Raycus, IPG

Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Max. Acceleration Speed


Max. Cutting Speed


Control Syestem



2 year


cheapest plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine

Easy to operate and maintain

Thanks to its intelligent control system and user-friendly interface. It can be controlled remotely, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment of cutting parameters.

High-precision and improved efficiency

The 2kW best sheet metal laser cutting machine has higher precision and higher accuracy than plasma cutting, water-jet cutting and other metal cutting machines. Its repositioning accuracy could reach 0.02mm, which is quite perfect when cutting advertising signs, letters, characters, and other pieces.

laser cutting head


Buy one laser cutting machine, you can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized steel, and other alloy sheets. Besides, the operation and maintenance cost is quite low. So it is very cost-effective to buy a best CNC sheet metal laser cutitng machine.

laser cutting head

Cutting video and samples of 6000 W fiber laser cutting machine

DXTECH Asia 1325 best CNC sheet metal laser cutting machines can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other metal sheets smoothly and precisely.

laser cutting galvanized sheet

2mm galvanized

laser cutting machine application

1mm stainless steel

laser cutting machine cuts 8mm carbon steel

8mm carbon steel

Cutting thickness

Material(mm) 1kW 1.5kW 2kW
Carbon steel 0.4-12 0.4-14 0.4-18
Stainless steel 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8
Aluminum 0.4-3 0.4-4 0.4-6
Brass 0.4-3 0.4-5 0.4-6


best cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine to Turkey
best cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine to Turkey

Now, this best CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine is well packed and loaded onto a truck to the Qingdao Port. We will track the delivery process in time and provide updated information so that customers can keep abreast of the machine’s location and shipping status.

We sincerely wish our Turkey customers a prosperous metal cutting business.

If you are also interested in this 2kW 1325 fiber laser cutting machine, don’t hesitate to contact us by the following methods. We will customize the machine according to your demands.


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